Love should not have a set date and time, but tradition still prevails, or do you think it’s out of fashion? Whether it’s out of fashion or not, the celebratory date, love is certainly not.

So, on that day, even if you don’t care enough about the date to celebrate outside the house—such as taking a getaway, having dinner in a special place, or doing a relaxing activity together—surprise and write a love letter with verses. Do you think it’s too old-fashioned? Not at all! Your loved one will love it.

And because dating is never too much, here are some suggestions to use and abuse anytime.

Love Letters

Get inspired by Fernando Pessoa and write a love letter to your significant other.

Love letters, if there’s love,
Must be

But in fact
Only those who’ve never written
Love letters

Álvaro de Campos, heteronym of Fernando Pessoa

Now that I feel love
I’m interested in how things smell.
I was never interested in a flower having smell.
Now I sense the perfume of flowers like seeing a new thing.

Alberto Caeiro, heteronym of Fernando Pessoa

Now that you’ve gathered inspiration from one of the most brilliant Portuguese poets, here are some tips on what to do and give to your loved one on a special date or any other day, just because.

If you want to learn more about Fernando Pessoa and his love story, you can do so through our blog.

A Romantic Getaway in Porto, Lisbon, or Évora

On the day or the following weekend, surprise your loved one with a reservation at one of the most romantic hotels in Portugal.

No need to start searching “one of the best romantic hotels in Portugal” on the search engine or ask for help from ChatGPT, because we suggest not just one hotel but three. Each with its charm, history, and theme, located in three of the most beautiful cities in Portugal.

Porto A.S. 1829 Hotel

Once upon a time in 1829… and so our story could begin.
The story of a family, of a dream that has reached today.

A hotel inspired by the Papelaria Araújo & Sobrinho that wanted to keep its identity and journey alive. And what a journey! This journey takes us on a time travel, from paper sales, bookbinding, carpentry, exclusive representation of major international brands of typewriters, and other office equipment. A story alongside the history of the city of Porto from 1829 to the present.

In addition to being a historic hotel, Porto A.S. 1829 Hotel is in the perfect location, located between the beautiful Rua das Flores and Largo de São Domingos, close to so many places and cultural attractions that you can visit on foot and enjoy Port Wine.

Lisboa Pessoa Hotel

A poetic and literary hotel, inspired by the great poet Fernando Pessoa.

A building that breathes the poet and his heteronyms, evident in the various signatures on the mirror, engravings, and drawings in the rooms, the library, the edition of the book Mensagem exhibited at the entrance of the restaurant with the same name, and more. The hotel offers visitors a literary tour of Fernando Pessoa’s Lisbon. A delightful tour conducted by a true storyteller and Pessoa specialist.

Circle of Reading of poems by Fernando Pessoa, Literary Tourism Talks, and other events are part of the hotel’s regular program.

The connection of Lisboa Pessoa Hotel to Fernando Pessoa seemed to be marked by angels or stars. In fact, despite the building already being called Pessoa, it was a building with offices, but nothing hinted that there, more precisely where the reception is located today, was where the Typography of Commerce existed, a typography that printed Orpheu. It is said that fortune favors the bold and that we are fortunate.

In the heart of Chiado, close to everything, great for those who love to walk the streets of Lisbon.

Évora Olive Hotel

A hotel that revitalized a historic building beloved by the people of Évora—the Eborim Shopping Center—and dedicated its space to the olive tree and olive oil.

The Évora Olive Hotel pays tribute to the city, the Alentejo region, and Évora’s culture, craftsmanship, gastronomy, wine, and its people. Évora, a UNESCO World Heritage city that will be the European Capital of Culture in 2027.

If you like to stay close to everything, this hotel has the perfect location, close to various cultural attractions in the historic center, allowing you to give your car a break.

A romantic dinner for two

If you prefer to celebrate the occasion by dining out, going to that restaurant you’ve been meaning to visit for a long time, or the restaurant you love and feel almost at home, make a reservation and surprise your loved one with a relaxed dinner for two.

Galeria do Largo Restaurant

Mensagem Restaurant & Rooftop

Mercearia Eborim Restaurant

Break the routine of the week and take time to listen, hug, and appreciate.

All restaurants have the current menu available, so you have the freedom to choose the delicacy that suits you best on this day.

Now you just have to choose the location:

A relaxing experience combining massage and indoor pool in an intimate space

Reserve time for the day or the following weekend for both of you to relax, refocus on each other, away from the hustle and bustle of the week, and enjoy a relaxing massage.

The perfect gift for both of you

Offer the perfect gift on Valentine’s Day and enjoy it at a time of your choosing. After all, every day is perfect for love.


If you liked these suggestions for what to do and what to offer on Valentine’s Day, stay tuned to our blog where we will continue to introduce you to Porto, Lisbon, and Évora.