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Here, tranquility and wellness reign!

Two treatment and massage rooms, relaxation pool and a gym. Located in a hotel in Evora, Évora Olive Hotel, it is a space that has a multidisciplinary team of specialized therapists.


09:30 am – 08:00 pm

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Our massage and treatments

Get to know our offer of massage and treatments. Choose the one that best suits what you want and need.

Signature Massage

Unique massage with the signature Azure Wellness.

Olive Ritual

30 min 65€ | 50 min 95€ | 80 min 135€
Hydrate and regenerate your skin with our Olive Ritual massage based on Olive Oil. As Olive Oil is naturally rich in vitamins and antioxidants, our signature massage will not only regenerate the skin but also hydrate it naturally, promoting soothing relaxation. Ideal for dry skin or skin in general, in preparation for summer, post-summer and winter.

Massage Rituals

Indulge yourself in a relaxing, massage and break free from the strain accumulated by the stress of modern life. Regardless of your choice: relaxing, or restoring your balance surrender yourself in a unique and authentic manner.

B-Calm & Relax

30 min 50€ / 50 min 75€ / 80 min 95€
A massage performed on the back, shoulders and neck, places where the main muscular tensions accumulate. The pressure of this massage can vary according to your preference, it can be a more gentle and relaxing treatment or take a more energetic and deep approach. This massage it is the best choice for those who want a quick and efficient relaxation.

Stones Paradise

50 min 90€ / 80 min 130€
A massage to make you ask for more! Hot stones, essential oils and manual movements are used to massage the whole body. The stones used in this massage, of volcanic origin, are heated to release heat and therapeutic properties, which by massaging each of the muscles and areas of the body, will provide the deepest relaxation. After this massage, your body and mind will be in perfect harmony.

Summer Breeze

50 min 90€ | 80 min 110€
Due to the use of Aloe Vera, this massage becomes fresh, invigorating and therapeutic. Perfect for summer days. eliminate the tensions
muscles and feel light and refreshed with this unique massage.

Massage Rituals for Couples

Massage Rituals for Couples

Come and enjoy with your other half of one of two experiences of pure relaxation and well-being for two.

B-Calm & Relax (for two)

50 min 130€ | 80 min 170€
An experience pure relaxation and wellbeing, for two. In this massage, relaxing movements are performed throughout the body, to relieve stress and fatigue, improve circulation and relax muscles. Essential oils are used to provide a unique experience.

Stones Paradise (for two)

80 min 220€
A perfect moment for two. Immerse yourself in the heat of oils and hot stones, which will cover your entire body in an amazing massage. Stones of volcanic origin are heated to release heat and therapeutic properties, which by massaging each of the muscles and areas of the body, will provide the most profound relaxation.

Therapeutical rituals

Therapeutic Rituals

Ideal therapeutic massages for those looking to recover, revitalize, slim or balance.


50 min 80€
Special for moms-to-be! This massage is realized with the mother-to-be on the side, and with its own techniques to relieve the tensions of pregnancy. It will relieve muscle tension and lower back and neck pain. A massage with you in mind, for you.

Revitalize your legs

30 min 50€ | 50 min 75€
Massage performed on the legs and feet with invigorating essential oils to reduce fatigue and muscle fatigue. The massage stimulates blood circulation, being quite indicated to alleviate the discomfort caused by swollen and heavy legs. This symptom is common nowadays, related to sedentarization.

Slim & Shine

40 min 65€
The combination of therapeutic movements with essential oils will enhance the effects of a powerful slimming massage.

Therapeutic Ritual [Deep Tissue]

30 min 60€/ 50 min 85€ / 80 min 110€
Package 50 min x 3*[210€] / Package 80 min x 3*[285€]

A deep, immersive massage that will work every muscle in your body. To relieve everyday stress, will be uses deep massage techniques to release the accumulation of tension in the muscles, so that you can feel relaxed and refreshed.

* The first massage must be taken within 6 months of purchase. Package is valid for a maximum of 3 months after starting the first treatment or massage.

Azure Olive

Happy Hour

Get to know our massage and treatments in happy hour mode.

Massage and Treatments

Happy Hour (12:00-03:00 pm)

B-Calm & Relax
[30 min 45€ /50 min 65€ / 80 min 95€ ]

B-Calm & Relax (for two)
[50 min 120€ /80 min 160€]

[50 min 70€]

Revitalize Your Legs
[30 min 45€ / 50 min 65€]

Slim & Shine
[40 min 55€]

Stones Paradise
[80 min 120€]

Stones Paradise (for Two)
[80 min 200€]

Summer Breeze
[50 min 80€ / 80 min 100€]

Therapeutical Ritual [Deep tissue]
[30 min 50€ / 50 min 75€ / 80 min 100€]


Relaxation Pool Standards & Cancellation Policy

Reservation is required for the relaxation pool, for your maximum comfort.

To access the relaxation pool, the use of a swimming cap is mandatory.

It is allowed to cancel the massage or treatment reservation up to 4 hours before the massage or treatment takes place without any penalty. Outside this period, 50% of the confirmed service amount will be charged.

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