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Everything you need to know about our Loyalty Program: Art and Soul Guest Club.

The Art and Soul Group offers a Loyalty Program so that our customers can enjoy a set of benefits and advantages before and during their stay in the following units:

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Many advantages from Porto to Évora!

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1. Nature and Ownership

1.1. The ART AND SOUL Guest Club, hereinafter also referred to as the Program or the acronym AaSGC, is the ART AND SOUL GROUP loyalty program through which benefits are granted to the customers of its hotel units in Portugal, namely the units indicated on the website as participants in the loyalty program and operating under the brands “LISBOA PESSOA HOTEL”, “PORTO A.S. 1829 HOTEL”, “ÉVORA OLIVE HOTEL”.

1.2. It is up to the ART AND SOUL GROUP to define the hotel units to be included in this Program from among the universe of those referred to in No. 1.1., being able to change, at any time, the list of hotel units covered by the Program. 

1.3. Individuals over 18 years of age can participate in the AaSGC, who will be given a promotional code, and it is not possible to assign more than one code per participant.

1.4. The Program participation code is personal and non-transferable, and cannot be transferred to a third party, in any capacity, and must be indicated to the ART AND SOUL GROUP hotel units, whenever the participant wants to enjoy the respective benefits.

2. Benefits

2.1. – The Program grants participants benefits, in accordance with the promotional communication in force. Its disclosure is made at

2.2. The attribution of benefits will be automatic, just joining the ART AND SOUL guest club online and accepting the AaSGC terms and conditions.

2.3. ART AND SOUL GROUP reserves the right to change, with 10 days’ notice on the  website, the criteria for the attribution of other benefits.

2.4. The website contain complementary and updated information about the benefits of the Program.

2.5. AaSGC Program benefits are only available to AaSGC members who book online at ; ; ;

2.6. The program benefits are not valid for promotions and specific catering actions such as brunches, restaurant weeks, fairs, group meals with more than 10 people and other gastronomic events.

2.7. The conditions for using the discounts and benefits of the loyalty program are as follows: 

a) Discounts on accommodation: they apply to the marked rates published on the websites; package rates that have other items included do not have the AaSGC discount. AaSGC members will be entitled to a 12% discount on accommodation services booked online and 12% off services booked during the stay. Each client can enjoy these discounts up to a maximum of 5 rooms, as long as the payment is made by the client and the invoice is issued in his name. In the event that the customer is not a member of AaSGC and chooses not to join the program, the difference of the tariff that would have been originally applied to a non-customer will be charged.

b) 12% discounts at restaurants, SPA for AaSGC members: excludes food and drinks purchased in Room Service services and does not apply to special packages. Exceptions are also discounts on rooms, rental of audiovisual equipment, services enjoyed in the mentioned hotel units but provided by third parties; consumption of Accommodation and Food and Beverages billed to groups relating to companies or groups; stay and meal or spa vouchers; reservations with special prices for groups, namely non-public rates; consumption of Food and Beverages via room service and mini-bar.

c) Access to exclusive offers: AaSGC customers will occasionally have the right to access promotions in advance. ART AND SOUL Group reserves the right to send offers dedicated to customers with active contact permissions.

d) No restrictions on stay dates, except for special packages, festive dates, during which the corresponding discounts will not be allowed.

 e) The list of units and establishments adhering to the program will be present on the program website at and may be changed by the ART AND SOUL GROUP without prior notice .

3. Terms of use of benefits

3.1. It is a condition of making a reservation and using the Program benefits to identify the participants and indicate the respective promotional code.

3.2. The benefits conferred by AaSGC are not compatible or cumulative with those of other ART AND SOUL GROUP Loyalty Programs, unless otherwise indicated.

3.3. ART AND SOUL GROUP reserves the right to refuse a reservation within the scope of the AaSGC Program in the event that sufficient data are not provided to carry out the same. 

3.4. Communications exclusively related to the Program are periodically sent to the customer, namely promotions, offers and other communications equally relevant for the purposes of the AaSGC, in order to keep the customer informed about the offers that they can enjoy.

4. Cancellation and changes to the program

4.1. The ART AND SOUL GROUP reserves the right to cancel or change the conditions of the Program, partially or totally, at any time, committing to make its best efforts to promptly inform Program participants about the content and the effective date of the changes.

4.2. The ART AND SOUL GROUP also reserves the right to create specific rules for this Program, according to the country or other geographic area where it applies. 

4.3 ART AND SOUL GROUP will disclose all cancellation or change situations referred to in the previous numbers on the AaSGC website at

4.4. The ART AND SOUL GROUP reserves the right to cancel participation in the AaSGC to participants who misuse their credit and benefits.

4.5. In the event that any hotel unit ceases to be part of the scope of this Program, it will no longer be possible to use the discounts that are credited to the participants in the AaSGC, as well as the other benefits inherent to the Program, without the need for prior communication to the participants.

4.6. In case of cessation of participation under the terms of No. 4.4. or cancellation under the terms set out in 4.1. of this clause, the participant loses the right to discounts on the respective date, without the right to any compensation.

5. Errors and retroactive claims

5.1. ART AND SOUL GROUP reserves the right to change rates, descriptions or promotional material sent to participants.

5.2. Any claim by a participant in the Program about discounts or the enjoyment of other benefits must be submitted to the respective hotel, attaching the invoice for the stay or other document supporting the claim. 

5.3.The deadline for submitting a claim regarding discounts is 6 months, counting from the date of stay, after which the respective right expires.

6. Data privacy and applicable law

6.1. The data collected will be processed by the ART AND SOUL GROUP, which assumes for the present purposes the quality of Responsible for the Processing of Personal Data.

6.2. The personal data of the participants will be processed for the purposes of loyalty and participation in the Program.

6.3. The data controller may need to transmit the participant’s personal data under this loyalty program to other ART AND SOUL Group companies, in order to allow the enjoyment of the benefits associated with membership.

6.4. Participants may exercise their rights of access, rectification, elimination, opposition, limitation and portability, by sending an email to 

6.5. Reading these terms and conditions does not exempt you from reading the Privacy Policy available at  

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