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Located in the centre of Lisbon, just a few metres from Chiado, the Lisboa Pessoa Hotel is the starting point for your visit to the Portuguese capital!


“We imagine a world where we can enjoy remarkable experiences, while making the world a better place.”

António Gonçalves / Rui Torrão

Administrators of Art and Soul Group

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Lisboa Pessoa Hotel

Inspired by the life and work of Fernando Pessoa , all the floors of this Hotel, as well as the 75 rooms, are dedicated to the great Portuguese poet and the main heteronyms: Alberto Caeiro, Ricardo Reis and Álvaro de Campos.

From architectural details, to books, to gatherings and literary tours , Lisboa Pessoa Hotel invites you to enjoy experiences inside and outside its spaces.

For those who love to stay in the city centre, close to places such as Bairro Alto, Rossio and Principe Real, Lisboa Pessoa Hotel is a must-stay hotel, ideal for those who like to explore the city on foot, freely and without schedule restrictions.

Discover Lisbon and Pessoa, from the Lisboa Pessoa Hotel!

Dream. Live. Enjoy.

Quem é Fernando Pessoa

Who was

Fernando Pessoa

In order to discover who Fernando Pessoa was, perhaps it would be opportune to begin by his last name, Pessoa, from the latin word persona: mask. Pessoa was, in fact, a poet of many faces and many names, spending his life inventing fictitious authors called heteronyms. Also, thanks to this peculiarity, he is considered to be one of the most brilliant contemporary poets today and Portugal’s most famous and important poet.

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