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Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935)

Lisboa Pessoa Hotel is a hotel dedicated to the great Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa.

Fernando Pessoa is the most important Portuguese writer. Born in Lisbon in 1888, he mostly lived in the Portuguese capital city, although he did live in South Africa during his childhood. During his forty-seven years of life, he wrote thousands of pages of the finest literature, which transform him into one of the greatest poets of contemporary times. During his youth, he lived in the Carmo neighbourhood, a few metres away from the Lisboa Pessoa Hotel, which is dedicated to the author.

Pessoa’s most fascinating characteristic is what he called heteronymism – the fact that Pessoa invented fictional authors called “heteronyms”, each one with “works”, a “biography”, a “style”, a “physiognomy”, different from one another and from “orthonym” Pessoa, that is, of himself. The floors and rooms of Lisboa Pessoa Hotel are dedicated to his main heteronyms – Alberto Caeiro, Ricardo Reis and Álvaro de Campos. To each floor, a heteronym and hence a different decor of the room … Have you decided which one is your… heteronym?

This is a true coterie of imaginary friends:

Floor 0 and 1  – Álvaro de Campos, the futuristic engineer, decadent and cosmopolitan.

Floor 2 – Fernando Pessoa … himself!

Floor 3 – Alberto Caeiro, a poet of nature and the “master” of other heteronyms …

Floor 4 – Ricardo Reis, the classicist physician, lover of ancient Greece

“Who am I to myself?”, Bernardo Soares asks – another of Pessoa’s masks, to whom he “commissioned” the writing of his most widely read book in the world, the Book of Disquiet, a fragmentary and dreamlike intimate diary. A room of the Lisboa Pessoa Hotel is dedicated to Soares, on the ground floor, with a library specialized in Pessoa and Lisbon.

The city of Lisbon is, in fact, a literary capital, where Fernando Pessoa drove the generation of the Modernists – or the Orpheu Generation, the name of the magnificent magazine founded by Pessoa in 1915, which revolutionized the Portuguese culture of that time, featuring works by other Lusitanian geniuses, such as Almada Negreiros and Mário de Sá-Carneiro.

Imagine this: Lisboa Pessoa Hotel is located exactly on the same building that used to house the typography where this legendary magazine, Orpheu, was printed. One more reason to pay homage to the literary soul of Lisbon, participating in our events (talks, conferences, etc.), exhibitions and guided tours of the Lisbon of the poet(s).

His great poetry work is Mensagem (1934), to which Lisboa Pessoa Hotel dedicated a panoramic restaurant and bar. Poetry was Pessoa’s great love. Apart from that, he also had a girlfriend, Ofélia, to whom he wrote affectionate and poetic letters. And he had, of course, a great passion for the city of Lisbon!

This passion inspires us, today, at Lisboa Pessoa Hotel: the hotel to be discovered… by those who want to discover Lisbon and Pessoa.

"The earth is made of heaven."

Pessoa the Orthonym

"A slight breeze runs to me across the vacant fields. / I think of you, I murmur your name; and it's not me: I'm happy."

Alberto Caeiro

"To be great, be whole: don’t exaggerate / Or leave out any part of you."

Ricardo Reis

"I’m nothing. / I’ll always be nothing. / I can’t want to be something. / But I have in me all the dreams of the world."

Álvaro de Campos

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