Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability

27 de January, 2023 2023-02-27 12:12

Human beings consume natural resources at a pace faster than the Earth’s capacity to renew them, with a deficit of 20%

We will not invoke the environment to remove quality from our product. We only intend to contribute to a generation of responsible consumers, more sensitive and demanding regarding environmental sustainability.

Our customer’s satisfaction is one of our main goals. If we combine this with measures that contribute to a better, more efficient and more sustainable world, we will be making a small contribution to the future of our children and grandchildren. Contributing to the future of the community and its ecosystems.

Our contribution

In order to be more environmentally efficient, we have adopted several measures that, in addition to investments, constitute changes in attitudes by raising the awareness of our team, partners and guests.


Because we only have one life, one community and one planet

Did you know that...

Is it enough to recycle another ton of glass to obtain a ton of glass, saving 400kg of sand and 2% of energy?

Can frying oil be used to make soap or fuel in diesel engines or boilers?

Recycling one ton of recycled paper prevents the felling of 20 trees and 50% less energy when compared to production from raw material, reducing air pollution by 95%

Recycling plastics saves non-renewable raw materials such as oil and prevents these products from going to landfills where they take hundreds of years to degrade.

Metal cans are 100% recyclable. Recycling an aluminum can saves enough energy to run a television for 3 hours

A toilet uses between 10 and 15 liters of water each time it is used. If you do a half flush, you will only use 3 liters.

The recycling of cork stoppers is used for new materials such as flooring, insulation material, decoration, clothing…

A pile left in the soil contaminates it more than 50 years

A poorly sealed faucet can represent a loss of 25 liters per day

Brushing your teeth under running water for 5 minutes uses about 45 liters of water

A 15-minute shower can use around 240 liters of water

The recycling of 1 ton of cardboard packaging for liquid food is equivalent to 3,703 packages and avoids the felling of around 15 adult trees

2 tons of liquid food cartons can be transformed into energy, equivalent to a ton of oil

According to the OECD, on average, a citizen consumes 800kg of food and drink and 120kg of packaging per year. As such, the importance of the packaging production and food and beverage production sectors is undeniable, since with population growth by 2025, an increase of 24% in calorie consumption is expected, 57% in food expenditure, 47% on packaging and 41% on “end-of-life” materials.

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