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Araújo & Sobrinho Stationery

A hotel that was inspired by the oldest stationery shop in Europe – Papelaria Araújo & Sobrinho – and that takes us on a journey through time.

The history of Araújo & Sobrinho is clearly and strikingly alive throughout the entire building of Porto AS 1829 Hotel.

Papelaria Araújo & Sobrinho is one of the oldest stationery shop in Europe, being managed by the same family for five generations. Currently, it is located within the Porto AS 1829 Hotel.

Araújo & Sobrinho was founded by Manuel Francisco de Araújo in 1829 and began operating as a paper warehouse, the former “Armazém de Papel ao Murinho de S. Domingos” [Paper Warehouse near S. Domingos Wall], but quickly grew expanding its operations to include its own typography, binding and carpentry workshops.

Each floor takes us on a journey through time, the same journey started by the family almost 200 years ago, which, having started out by selling paper imported from England, quickly expanded and started offering typography, bookbinding and carpentry services. This evolution, which culminates in the achievement of exclusive representations of major international brands (specifically typewriters and other office equipment), is presented to those visiting the Hotel with a collection of furniture and objects belonging to the stationery shop collection, now dignified, enhanced and eternalised in this beautiful themed hotel.

Take a trip down the 20th century, from the first to the fourth floor, where one finds the private wings of the Hotel, which include the rooms. On each floor, one lives and experiences the different periods of the shop, through the Araújo & Sobrinho collection (furniture, paintings, various pieces):

FLOOR 0 – Santa Catarina Das Flores and Art

FLOOR 1 – The Stationery Shop and the City of Porto [1829 to 1920]

FLOOR 2 – Typography, Carpentry, Pen Repair Services and Advertising [1920 to 1935]

FLOOR 3 – Typewriters and the Eversharp Pen War [1935 to 1945]

FLOOR 4 – The Stationery Shop and the Carnation Revolution [1950 to 1974]


Walking on the streets of Porto is like returning to the past, while keeping the present alive.
"Porto is not a place. It's a feeling."

Agustina Bessa-Luís

"Porto is the place where, for me, all the wonder and all the anguish begin."

Sophia de Mello Breyner

"After all, Porto, to truly honor its name, is, first of all, this wide bosom open to the river, but which can only be seen from the river, or else, through narrow passages closed by walls, can visitors embrace the wide open air and experience the illusion that the entire Porto is Ribeira."

José Saramago

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