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Commerce in Porto

Hotel da Bolsa was established in 1993, but its building has over a hundred years of history.

The art of commerce was already part of the lives of the people of Porto long before the construction of the Palácio da Bolsa in 1834.

José Ferreira Borges, who can be designated as the patron of the Commercial Association of Porto, was the son of a wealthy shipowner from Porto and left for Coimbra at the age of 15, where he graduated in Canons (faculty of Theology). Upon returning to Porto, he established himself as a lawyer and played a decisive role in the founding of the Commercial Association of Porto, as he persuaded the city’s businessmen to establish an institution and suggested that it be called the Commercial Association of Porto.

The Palácio da Bolsa, or Palace of the Commercial Association of Porto, in the city of Porto, began construction in October 1842, due to the closure of the Commerce Stock Exchange, temporarily forcing Porto merchants to conduct business on Rua dos Ingleses, in the open air.

Hotel da Bolsa is in the perfect location for those who enjoy walking, just minutes away from various cultural and leisure attractions, such as the Stock Exchange Palace, the current headquarters of the Commercial Association of Porto, the Ferreira Borges Market, the Ribeira, among many other attractions to visit.

Discover Porto from Hotel da Bolsa!

"If in our city there are many who replace 'b' with 'v', there are few who exchange freedom for servitude."

Almeida Garrett

"Porto is not strictly a city: it is a family. When any harm befalls it, all feel it with the same intensity; when they desire something, all desire it at the same time. The people of Porto are as protective of the integrity of their city as the Portuguese in general are of the integrity of the nation."

João Chagas

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