Fernando Pessoa’s work is a fascinating journey through imagination, poetry, mystery and irony

At «All the Dreams of the World» literary encounters, exclusively for guests at Lisboa Pessoa Hotel, a Fernando Pessoa specialist from Lusófona University will take you through a reading session and lecture on poems and texts by Fernando Pessoa that have been translated to English, aside from those of other Portuguese authors.

Come see the magic of Livro do Desassossego (The Book of Disquiet), Pessoa’s poetry, and the fascination of the theater of heteronyms (fictitious authors invented by Pessoa) by immerging into the work of one of the greatest geniuses of European literature – directly in his city, just a few meters from where he lived and wrote a part of his work, in the heart of Lisbon. Take part in an exclusive literary session where cultures meet, and voices come together in a friendly, relaxing environment, rich in dreams and poetry.

I am nothing.
I’ll never be anything.
I cannot even wish to be anything.
Apart from that, I have in me all the dreams in the world.

Álvaro de Campos
(Heteronym of Fernando Pessoa)


Date: December 12th 2018
Schedule: 18h30 to 20h00
Counselor / Facilitator: Fabrizio Boscaglia (Professor at Universidade Lusófona)
Registration: Until 48 hours before the Literary Encouter occurs, at the Hotel reception desk
Capacity: Limited number of spaces 20 participants
Meeting point: Library Bernardo Soares, floor 0
Language: English (Other languages available: Portuguese and Italian).
For heterogeneous groups, the language used will be English.


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