About the hotel

About the hotel

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Located at the entrance of the wall at Alconchel Gate, with access via Av. São Sebastião, it is a 10-minute walk from the iconic Praça do Giraldo. Évora O Cante Hotel portrays and symbolizes the culture of Évora, the future European Capital of Culture in 2027, and the Alentejo.

“We imagine a world where we can enjoy remarkable experiences, while making the world a better place.”

António Gonçalves / Rui Torrão

Administrators of Art and Soul Group

Discover Évora & the Cante

Évora O Cante Hotel

Inspired by the Alentejo culture and soul, all floors of this hotel, as well as its 50 rooms, are dedicated to Cante, the Alentejo, and its traditions and local culture.

Savor the Alentejo and its way of life, without haste or rush.

Enjoy the local culture, its traditions, its music, its art, crafts, gastronomy, olive oil, and wine.

The hotel has a breakfast room, an outdoor pool (from May to October), and private parking.

Discover Évora and the Cante, from Évora O Cante Hotel!

Dream. Live. Enjoy.

Our inspiration

The Alentejo Cante

Sung in chorus and without the use of musical instruments, by groups of men and women, the Alentejo Cante is essentially a popular manifestation that took place in work settings in the fields or during celebrations.

The origin of the Cante is far from being determined

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